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DeLaurier Roofing & Renovation is the roofing and renovation company for Athens, GA, and the surrounding area. Our trained roofers can complete any roofing project, from fascia replacement to full roof installations. We stand behind all of our work and provide complete roofing systems for residential homes and commercial businesses. With our team completing your project, you’ll never worry about the quality. Our roofing company was founded on the basis of having honesty and integrity in our business practices and giving our customers the best quality roofs in the area. We will always give you a fair and honest quote on your roofing project and make sure that your roof meets your expectations. DeLaurier Roofing & Renovation is your complete roofing system and renovation solution company and can repair any damaged roof.  Call us today at (706) 207-8885! Let us install your new roof and give you the best customer service.

Complete Roofing Systems and High-Quality Renovations

Our team of roofers and renovators are highly experienced within their respective fields and put that experience to use to give you high-quality roofing and remodeled or new additions like gutters and decks and patios. For both roofing and renovations, our team completes the project to your specifications. Your home or office is one of the most important parts of your life, and our roofers and renovators set out on each project to make sure you love the end result. Our favorite part of the process is unveiling your new roof or new addition and seeing your reaction. When it comes to renovations, we use high-quality products and excellent design to make your dream home and perfect office environment come to life. We will advise you as to style, design, and materials, however, it’s all up to you. With siding, windows, and paint, your customization options are virtually limitless. If you need additions or replacements to your home or office, our team can design and build onto your existing structure seamlessly. Contact us to experience our excellent customer service and top-quality renovations today!

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We Understand the Importance of Keeping a Fully Functioning Roof Over Your Family’s Head.

Does your roof need new shingles? Our roofers and renovators can complete any project you have in mind! Whether it is replacing a window or replacing your older warped soffit for better protection, we are your local roofers and renovators company for both residential and commercial customers. We understand that our industry is a people industry and so we strive to give you the best customer service in the area. You can always expect honest quotes and excellent service from DeLaurier Roofing & Renovation. We will always stand behind our work and we are your complete roofing system solution. Give us a call at (706) 207-8885 to have our specialists get started on your project today!

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Roofing Services for Your Home

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We Offer Comprehensive Roofing Services throughout Athens, GA!

Need local roofers to repair or replace your roof in Athens, GA and the surrounding area? At DeLaurier Roofing & Renovations, we provide your complete roofing system solutions and stand behind all the work we do. We will always give you an honest and fair quote for our work and give you the best customer service in the area. Let us give you the high-quality roof you deserve today. Give us a call at (706) 207-8885!

  • Fascia and Soffit Repair – While these boards are anything but fragile, sometimes natural wear and tear take their toll. Water damage can weaken them and make repair or replacement a necessity. Without these boards, water can easily get into your roof and attic, causing rot, mildew, and mold. Let us replace your fascia or soffit to restore the protection of your roof.
  • Metal Roofing Installation – Metal roofing can be very advantageous for homes. This super durable and fireproof roofing material can keep your home or office safe from storm damage and is 100% recyclable. Metal roofing can be great when installed correctly, but when installed improperly, tiles can fly off when there are high winds. This leaves your home open to damage during the next storm.
  • Repair and Replacement – After all the abuse roofs take from the sun, wind, and rain, naturally they may need some repair. Sometimes they get hit with more damage than a simple repair can fix. We are your local roofing company and can perform any repair or replacement necessary. Let us get your roof back to protect you.
  • Shingles Repair – Missing or worn down shingles leave your roof open for leaks, hail and other potential issues to occur. If you have noticed granules from your shingles gathering in your gutters, or if your roof is visibly missing some of its shingles, give us a call today! We can repair or replace any missing or worn shingles from your roof.


Modernize Your Space

Every once in a while, we all think about updating or restyling our homes to add value or enhance the appearance. Home additions are a great way to not only improve the look of your home, but they can also increase the resale value of your home, as well. A great way to achieve this is by adding a patio or deck to your residence. If you have been thinking about adding a deck or patio to your property, you need a local renovation company you can trust. Our renovators are experts and will advise you on design, style, or completely customize a deck or patio to your specifications. We use Trex composite decking materials to get you give you a high-quality and amazing looking deck. They are the best in the business, offering unbelievable materials that last for years to come. You can trust that our renovations are high quality and our customer service is top notch.

That’s not all! We also have exterior renovation services to update your home or commercial building. If your vinyl siding is wearing down or if you just want to update your home’s appearance, ask us about our siding services! We exclusively use James Hardie siding and trim, known for its durability, moisture appearance, and a fantastic range of styles and colors. Our customers receive only the best for their homes. Paint jobs are a breeze when you have our expert remodeling team on hand. We will make sure your colors are exactly what you were looking for and complete the job based on your time table. Our team also excels in window selection for when you need or want to replace your windows. Let us advise you on the best windows for your home! Have a gutter that needs replacement? We can assist you with that as well! Whether you need gutter installations or want a new patio, they will complete the project to your specifications and style. We love to see your reactions to your home renovations and cannot wait to show you your new deck, windows, or our other renovations we provide! Call us today at (706) 207-8885 to get your project started!

Window Installation

New Windows

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See Your Home in An Entirely New Light With New Window Installation.

When your home needs new windows or doors, DeLaurier Roofing & Renovation has got you covered. It is important to find a window that will match your home’s style and that is excellent in quality. For this, we install Simonton windows, for superior windows for your home. It is all a part of how we continuously give you the best renovations in Athens, GA. Simonton windows are energy star partnered products, supplying you with your choice of style and color. Another fantastic way to improve the exterior of your home is with siding.  DeLaurier Roofing & Renovations provides siding installation from James Hardie, giving you and your home the look and quality you deserve. One thing that homeowners should really consider when they want to protect their home’s windows and siding is gutters. With our gutter services, we are able to protect not only your roof but your siding and windows also from damages caused by rain. Our favorite part is showing you the end product and seeing your reaction! Ready to get started on your new windows and siding? Call us today at (706) 207-8885 to speak with one of our renovations experts about your home’s new windows.