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DeLaurier Roofing is the clear and trusted choice for metal roofing for homeowners in the greater Athens, GA area.

Congratulation on finding the foremost metal roofing experts in Athens, GA. 

When you need to upgrade your roofing or install a new metal roof on your new home, turn to Delaurier Roofing. We are the insured roofing experts in Athens, GA, with a specialty in metal roofing installation services. 

Our team has built a reputation for doing whatever it takes to make sure that your home gets the type of roof it needs, while keeping the project within your budget. 

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Benefits of Metal Roofing

Homeowners everywhere are realizing the amazing benefits of metal roofs and how they add lasting value to their property. This roofing material can perform well for at least 50 years, and contrary to popular belief, you have many attractive styles to choose from. 

Metal roofs are also lightweight, fire- and wind-resistant, as well as energy-efficient, saving you on utilities and potential damages. To learn more about the differences between metal roofing and shingles, visit our blog post on the topic: Metal VS Shingles.

Customized Metal Roofs

At Delaurier Roofing, we take pride in installing new roofing systems for our customers. We want to create a look unique to your house, so we work with custom metal panel suppliers to provide you with materials to meet the specifications of your roof. 

We listen carefully and consult with you along the way. Rest assured that you will get a high-quality finished product that you love.

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Metal roofing Athens, GA

Lifetime Roofing Warranty

When you receive your metal roof installation from our professional installers, you will also receive an award-winning lifetime warranty on the weather resistance and color elements of your roof. 

Make a great investment for your new build or existing home with a lifetime warrantied metal roofing system. Try out metal roofing and enjoy years of safety, performance, and savings.

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