Metal Roofing Installation

Photo of metal roofing

For a Long Lasting, Low Maintenance Roofing Option, You May Want to Consider Metal Roofing.

Are you considering having your roof remodeled? Need advice on what style of roof may best suit your residential home or commercial business? Consider Metal Roofing. Metal roofs are a very sturdy and economical roofing material, usually aluminum or steel, that comes in a variety of styles and colors to best suit your needs. Over time, metal roofing holds together longer than shingle roofing. Shingle roofing has a wear and tear nature where its protective granules wear over time and weather exposure. However, metal roofing in Athens, GA, does not have this issue. This style of roofing is eco-friendly and totally recyclable. The tiles are very conductive which helps with energy efficiency.

When it comes to storms, it can handle anything mother nature can dish out, from hail to high winds. The tiles are also fire resistant, so you will not have to worry. Due to these great attributes, metal roofing is becoming steadily more popular and used in more roof constructions than ever before. If you want a roof with both style and security, our experienced roofers recommend it. Call us today at (706) 207-8885 to have one of our roofers give you more details about the benefits of a metal roof for your home or business. We will give you the best customer service in the area and can’t wait to unveil your new roof.

Metal Roof Repair

The worst enemy of metal roofing is poor installation. When not installed and fastened correctly, high winds can tear off metal tiles. Water can lodge itself under and in the tiles which can lead to bending and cracking. This leaves your roof open to weather damage, leaks and other problems. Let us take care of your repair. When it comes to metal roofing installation and repair, we install your roof securely and to your expectations. We provide the highest quality metal roofing in Athens, GA and the surrounding area. If your tiles are cracked or missing, we can install tiles to match your current style and color. Call (706) 207-8885 to schedule your metal roofing installation or repair!