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Looking for a roofing contractor to work on your damaged roof in Greensboro, GA? Look no further. At DeLaurier Roofing & Renovation, we are your local roofing company. We provide top quality materials and reliable quotes for all our customers. Our industry is a people industry and we only give our clients fantastic customer service as such. We install complete roofing systems for our clients while maintaining honesty and integrity in all of our business practices. Unveiling your new roof is the best part of the project to us. Give us a call today at (706) 207-8885 and let us fix your roof today!

Our Roofing Services:

At DeLaurier Roofing & Renovations, we pride ourselves on providing high quality roofing systems for Greensboro, GA.

Renovations, Roofing, And More

Photo of Roofing CompanyHere at DeLaurier Roofing & Renovations, we are more than just another roofing company. If you have a renovation project in mind, our team of renovation specialists can complete your project! Tired of your bathroom and its white tiles? Stock bathrooms tend to be pragmatic. Bathrooms are supposed to be a place where you can relax when you come home from a difficult day at work. Time for the bathroom you’ve always deserved. Is your kitchen more closed than you’d like? Removing a kitchen island and want to put in more storage instead? We use the best materials to give you a kitchen that meets your specifications. When remodeling, we will advise you on lighting and design options and complete the remodel to your style.

When you want to add in space for a new bedroom, call DeLaurier Roofing & Renovations. If you’re getting a room addition on your property, pick a company that maintains honesty and integrity with all projects. With room additions, your needs and your home or office’s structure should always be taken into account first. Seamless transition from new to old structure should be a priority. With your room addition, you get a carefully planned build that gives you your additional space and great quality.

Call us at (706) 207-8885 and let us start your project today! You can expect high quality work and client services from DeLaurier Roofing & Renovation.